Adobe Illustrator 2020 compatibility :-/

Adobe has released Adobe Illustrator 2020. Graffix plugins for Adobe Illustrator are not yet optimized for Illustrator 2020, but all of them can still be used with it on the Mac platform. Updates for both platforms are in progress.

When plugins for older versions are installed in the Plug-ins folder and you launch Illustrator for Mac, each plugin will display a message informing you that the plugin may not be compatible and will give you a choice whether to attempt to load the plugin or not. If you choose the load the plugin and it loads successfully, Illustrator will continue to load the plugin in the future. If you want to change your choice of whether Illustrator 2020 loads your plugins, just quite Illustrator, delete the preferences file, then re-launch Illustrator and you’ll be asked again.

All plugins are now in the process of being updated for Illustrator 2020, and should be available soon.