Plugin version changing from 16 to 23

Here’s why it’s important (to some of us)

The CORE developer libraries used for the 2022 version of all Graffix plugins for Adobe Illustrator no longer support Illustrator versions older than CC 2019, so new and updated plugins will require CC 2019 and above. Plugins for CS6 through CC 2018 will remain available so new users with older systems can still use the latest legacy releases, then update whenever they’re ready.

  • CS6 – CC 2018 (Legacy) = plugin version 16
  • CC 2019 – AI 2021 = plugin version 16, will be replaced with version 23 as updates are made
  • AI 2022 = plugin version 23

All v.23 plugins honor v.16 licenses, so simply install as always, no special steps are required.