Adobe Illustrator 2022 (v. 26) compatible!

Updates to plugins for Adobe Illustrator 2022 (v. 26) are complete. Updated plugins now include:

  • AxoTools
  • Cleanup Tool
  • Concatenate
  • Cutting Tools
  • Nudge Panel
  • Select Menu
  • Square Up
  • TextSync
  • ToolShed

Apple M1 processors are also supported in the AI 2022 build.

Important note:

Graffix plugins compiled with CORE libraries which supported Adobe Illustrator versions back to CS6 have plugin versions 16.x (the minimum version of AI required). The latest CORE libraries for AI 2022 support only Illustrator CC 2019 (AI 23) and later, so new plugin releases will have plugin version 23.

If you purchased a license for a version 16 plugin, the 2022 compatibility update is free (as has been since CS6-to-CC) and the v. 16 activation code will continue to work in your v. 23 plugin.

If you’re running Graffix plugins under Illustrator 2021 or earlier, those plugins may occasionally get maintenance updates and will alert you when a v. 16 update becomes available. New features will be limited to the v 23 plugins on CC 2019 and later. For now, users will need to manually download and install the v. 23 version of the plugin, since the v 16 plugins only look for v. 16.x updates.

That said, only the 2022 versions are new v. 23 builds. AI23 – AI25 plugins will be replaced in the downloads section later, and those on the Support mailing list will be notified when they’re all ready.