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Adobe Illustrator plugins 

I write a variety of software for my own use as an illustrator, including small utility programs and scripts, but the ones that have been the most popular with others are plugins for Adobe Illustrator.

These plugins add tools and functionality to the program to streamline daily tasks.


Plugins are fast and usually come with an elegant interface, but sometimes we graphics professionals just want to speed and simplify a repetitive task. That’s where scripts come in. Java is cross-platform, but I often need to do more than Java allows, so I use AppleScript instead. Many of my scripts for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign can be downloaded here. They aren’t for the latest versions of the Creative Suite, but with little or no tweaking, they run fine. And they’re FREE!

scriptpluginiconCustom scripts and plugins

Do you have a need for a custom script or plugin for Adobe Illustrator? Let’s talk!