New FontSafe plugin now available

FontSafe icon

FontSafe is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator that can store a document’s font files embedded inside of the document itself. When the Illustrator document is opened again at some other time or place, the needed fonts can be extracted, so they will always be available. Most users will first think of this as a prepress utility to package the fonts prior to delivering the document to a printer for output, but it can be equally useful for preparing a file for archiving. When reopened for repurposing years later, fonts may no longer be installed on the computer the document was created on, and specialty fonts may no longer be available anywhere!

Unlike Adobe Illustrator’s native Package function, it even works with most Asian fonts!

Fonts can be embedded automatically every time you save your document, or manually added as needed.

FontSafe panelFonts are extracted as a zip archive in the same directory as your Illustrator document. You can optionally require a password to extract the font archive.

This is an update to FontSafe from Worker72a, now available for Windows and Apple M-series processors. Evaluate the full version with 500 free trial uses, or use it in extract-only mode for free. Licenses start at $20 and is on sale for half price through May 2023.

Download it here for Mac or Windows, Illustrator CC 2019 through 2023. For more information, see the FontSafe documentation.