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AxoTools documentation

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AxoTools v. 16.2

©2021 Rick Johnson/Graffix and Ronald Kempke

New features in version 16.2

Transformations panelThe new Transformations panel allows you to add a series of rotations and movements to art. These transformations (both rotations and movements) are applied in a series, as shown in the list. The resulting art is then projected to any of eight orientations shown at the bottom of the panel.

Each item in the list can be edited to change its numeric value, axis, and operation (move or rotate). Items can be rearranged, since the order of the transformations does affect the final art.

When you’re done, you can leave the object as-is in your illustration, click the Expand Object button to convert it to editable art to color and stylize it, or click the Release Object button to revert to the original art.

lamp-finalWith Transformations, you can project artwork at any angle, move it at fixed distances, then project it to your axonometric view where items will appear correctly projected, with offset distances mathematically scaled to place them correctly in your illustration.

This is not a true 3D application, but uses time-tested mathematical formulas to orient your art to match whatever view you need. Illustrations with components that tilt, turn, swivel, and spin are now easier than ever. No more guesstimating, and no more complicated armatures needed to scale and place objects!


AxoTools adds tools to assist in making axonometric drawings.

AxoTools includes five tools and three panels. With some exceptions, the general workflow in AxoTools is to draw orthographic views for the left, right, and/or top, then project that art to your axonometric projection. For examples of usage, you may refer to the videos.


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Includes these free features

(These features work without licensing, even after the trial period has expired):

  • Axo Line tool with multiple line weights
  • Axonometric primitives (cubes and cylinders) with line and fill settings

AxoTools Basics video

AxoTools Advanced video

System requirements

• Adobe Illustrator CS6 through 2021
• Windows 7-10, 32- or 64-bit
• macOS as required for your version of Illustrator. Only 2019-2021 plugins are notarized for macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer