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AxoTools Projection panel

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Projection panel

AxoTools Projection panel

AxoTools’ primary panel is the AxoTools Projection panel. Open it by selecting Window > AxoTools > AxoTools Projection. Some features will only be visible when a document is open. This is the panel where you’ll define the angle of your finished illustration. AxoTools supports isometric, dimetric, and trimetric views.

The image in the upper-left corner displays a cube projected using the current settings.

AxoTools projection settings spatialIn the “Spatial” control area, define your view by entering values or moving the sliders.

AxoTools Projection panel settings axesAlternatively, you can set the axis values in the “Axes” section.

AxoTools projection panel cube and dial controlsTo adjust the settings visually, click and drag in either of the “dial” controls to adjust Tilt and Turn. The control will turn from gray to color to show that it’s active and adjusting your settings.

AxoTools Projection settings popup

You can also set the axis settings by selecting a preset in the popup/dropdown menu. To define a new preset, set your values, either using Turn/Tilt or X/Z axis, then click the “New” preset button. A dialog will appear in which you can name your preset and save it. To delete the current preset, click the Trash icon. Presets will be saved with your preferences and available in the current and future sessions.

Projecting art

AxoTools Projection buttons

To project selected orthographic art to an axonometric plane, click one of the four Projection buttons corresponding to the transformation you want. The two buttons on the bottom represent the left and right planes. The two on the top both project to the top plane, but one orients it so that its geometry is aligned with the left face, the other aligned with the right face.

To un-project selected art, click the button on the corresponding plane while pressing the Shift key.

To project a copy of the selected art, press the Option or Alt key while clicking.

Art can also be projected using menu commands found under Object > Transform > Project to Axonometric. These menu items can be given custom keyboard shortcuts, which may be simpler and faster than using the panel.

AxoTools Projection panel optionsYou can control some of the panel’s behaviors by clicking a quick-preference icon. The first will set the panel to always project a copy of your selected art. The second icon sets whether circles are projected with their anchor points aligned to the X and Z axes, or aligned to the major and minor axis of the ellipse to aid in creating cylinders. The third icon sets whether the plugin projects art about an anchor point using a common reference point. Also see Preferences.

For a step-by-step example of projecting artwork using reference points, please click the button below. Project-in-place is a critical component of AxoTools!