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Where has the older software gone?

I’ve rewritten (from scratch) my plugins for Adobe Illustrator CS6 and CC. The CS3-CS5 versions are still available here on this site, and some of my older web pages are still here in case you’d like to browse or even download items from “the archives.” You can still purchase a registration code for these, although the automated system via the defunct Kagi no longer works. I’ll generate and send a code manually. Tip: purchase a current plugin and I’ll add the legacy version upon request. That way you can upgrade when you’re ready.

Legacy software Legacy plugins

Online activation (and internet connectivity)

Beginning with version 16 of Graffix licensed plugins, an internet connection is required to change your activation status and, for all plugins including freeware, to check for software updates. Please be assured that this change is to make the licensing process fair and flexible, as well as to make availability of updates known to users. Anonymous data is periodically verified to improve the online experience for the user by catching bugs or inefficiencies in the website, but under no circumstances will your personal information be gathered or sold  to others. Never ever.

The “About Box” can act as your plugin’s “dashboard”

This dialog displays information such as the activation status of your plugin, the number of trial operations left, or the expiration date of your license if there is one. It’s also the place where you activate or deactivate a license, or change your automatic update check settings.

To activate your plugin

When you purchase a license, a 16-character code is emailed to you for each plugin. In the About box, click the Activate button. Another dialog will appear in which you can either type or paste the code. Within a few seconds you should receive confirmation that your plugin was activated, and the About box will then display your code.

If activation fails

Perhaps you’ve reached your limit of computers allowed per the license you chose. You can launch Illustrator on a computer and, in the About box, deactivate it to free a license for another computer. Another option is to go to, click the “License manage” button and choose a computer to deactivate in order to free the license for another computer. If you’ve already activated and deactivated, sometimes it helps to re-enter the activation code when re-activating.

If you have other questions or need assistance, please see the Contact page.

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