Beta versions for CS6 and CC

Several plugins are now in active development and testing. If you would like to become a beta tester, please go to


Then go to


Here you can ask to be added to the beta test team. Please give a little background on yourself, and occasional bug reports or suggestions ways to improve the usability of the plugin would be very helpful later on. Thank you for your interest!


Get your activation codes here: use the coupon code from your recent email and you won’t be billed.

  • Please try entering activation codes after installing the 2017-3-20 beta available now.
  • Select each product below separately, or just get the Productivity Pack with all licenses in one email.
  • I’ll have to manually complete the transaction (credit card purchases will send codes immediately) so please allow 6-12 hours for your email with codes to arrive.
  • You should be able to de-activate, re-activate, try bogus codes, etc. Please let me know if it behaves as expected!
  • As you’ve probably noticed, checking for updates and license activation are handled through the About box. Automatically checking for updates on a schedule you set should now work correctly.
  • Beta plugins will always be enabled whether they activated or not. There’s an expiration date that will disable the plugins, but future releases won’t have that limitation (unless there’s a demand for subscription licensing, but I have no plans for force users into that mode).

You can expect plugin updates to come more frequently now and with more progress.

Links to plugins currently in testing


Server Sharing beta

This plugin will soon be available for testing. When a file is opened on a shared server and another person opens the file as well, the second user will be alerted that the file is in use and that only one person’s work will be saved. Even if you don’t feel you would need this, if you work on a shared server I hope you’ll try it and give me your feedback.