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Tag72a Documentation

This page will be updated as needed; please check back periodically.

Please refer to the “read-me” PDF which was included with your download. It includes information on that plugin’s features as well as basic support information. More detailed usage information will soon be available here.

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Tag72a automatically generates text objects describing various properties of the document. They are added on the top layer, then can then be repositioned anywhere on the document and reformatted as you wish. The tags can include any combination of user name, document name, document file path, date saved, date printed, spot color list, and font list.

Each time a document is saved or printed, the selected options will be updated. Multiple copies of the tag text can be created if you need them in more than one location.

Existing text can be made to automatically update by renaming it in the layers panel using these names:

  • Tag72a User Name
  • Tag72a Document Path
  • Tag72a Document Name
  • Tag72a Save Date
  • Tag72a Print Date
  • Tag72a Spot Color List
  • Tag72a Font List

Tag72a will recognize and report spot colors used in placed EPS and DCS files (but not TIFF, PDF, PhotoShop Native or embedded rasters). If you have spot colors that are used only in images of those types and want Tag72a to include them in the spot color list, create a small object of that color somewhere (off the artboard is OK). Spot colors can optionally print in the spot color it represents.

Spot colors and fonts can be generated wither with spaces or a line break between them. You can also convert the tag to area text with Auto Size enabled to have the list flow into it.

The user name is taken from the name given when Adobe Illustrator was installed, and can be printed as entered, or as initials.

Each item can optionally be given a prefix (label).


You can choose options to customize how Tag72a works. These preferences will be saved and re-used until you change them.

The Preferences dialog can be found with the menu item Illustrator > Preferences > Graffix Plugins > Tag72a.. (Mac) or Edit > Preferences > Graffix Plugins > Tag72a.. (Windows).

Enable Tag72a toggles the automatic update on or off.

Individual attributes can be toggled on/off using the checkboxes for Document name, Document path, User name, Save date, Print date, Spot color names, and List document fonts.

Each of these items includes a text field where you can add a description or label, if desired. In most cases, you will want to add a space at the end of the text.

Truncate document name can be used to limit the document name to a given number of characters if, for example, your documents have long names but only the first part of the name is significant for tagging.

Use the radio buttons to choose whether the user name is represented in full, as initials, or choose None if you want to enter a custom name in the label field.

Dates can be represented as either Month-Day-Year or Day-Month-Year format, and can optionally include the time of day from your computer’s system clock.

Here you can choose whether to add line breaks between font names or spot color names.

When Show spot names in color then the name of the color is filled with the spot color it represents.

System requirements

• Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 through 2022
• Windows 7-10, 32- or 64-bit
• macOS as required for your version of Illustrator