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Square Up documentation

This page will be updated as needed; please check back periodically.

Please refer to the “read-me” PDF which was included with your download. It includes information on that plugin’s features as well as basic support information. More detailed usage information will soon be available here.

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This plugin will convert a selected path’s anchor points to corner points, and adjust the path segments so that lines within 20 degrees of perpendicular will be made square to each other. Use keyboard shortcuts to make quick work of an otherwise tedious task when cleaning up technical drawings, schematics, and diagrams.

All four square-up methods can be recorded as Actions.

Square Up demo

Paths can be squared in several ways:

  • Vertical and horizontal.
  • Along the current constrain angle.
  • Along the dominant axis within the selection.
  • Just un-smooth the corners, where all control handles are retracted into the anchor points for straight lines with corner points.