Updated 12/14/13

Rick Johnson/Graffix

Windows Software for Illustrators


Conversion v. 3

Convert between inches, millimeters, pounds, kilos, etc.

Illustrator TrueType/
PostScript Converter

Converts all font references in an Adobe Illustrator illustration to either PostScript or TrueType.

EPS Extractor

Extracts placed EPS images from an Adobe Illustrator EPS file.

Clip art for technical illustrators

New art added 3-14-98

Adobe Illustrator format, can be imported into many other drawing programs as well on both Mac and Windows platforms.

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All downloads require Aladdin StuffIt Expander to decompress.

Utility Applications


EPS Extractor

Extracts both placed EPS and embedded raster objects (not compatible with Illustrator 9 or higher, not compatible with Windows XP)

Freeware: no payment necessary!

Ever need to edit an embedded raster image when you don't have the missing art? So do I. That's why I wrote EPS Extractor. Open an Adobe Illustrator file that has placed EPS art within it and Extractor will list the files included within it. Click "Look for raster art" and Extractor will search the file for embedded raster images.

  • Extract an EPS file from an Illustrator file.
  • Extract embedded raster objects as TIFF files.
  • If you've installed QuickTime, you can preview raster images and save them in JPEG, BMP or Photoshop format.
  • Open files by drag-and-drop.
  • Extract EPS in the background, so you can do other things while it works.
  • Extract EPS and raster art in batch mode.

This program does not have the ability to recreate an EPS preview, as this information is not available within the Illustrator file.


Illustrator TrueType/PostScript Converter

Freeware: no payment necessary! (not compatible with Illustrator 9 or higher)

Tired of seeing this message when you open an Adobe Illustrator document? This utility will open an Adobe Illustrator file and change all TrueType font references to PostScript, or from PS to TT. The conversion process will run in the background, so you can do other things while it works. If you press the cancel button on the progress window, your original file will be restored.