Updated 9/6/09

Rick Johnson/Graffix

Scripts for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Adobe Illustrator scripts

(AppleScript) for technical Illustrators

Free! Requires Mac Illustrator 10 or higher

Untransform raster object

Untransforms (removes all scaling, rotation, and shearing of) an embedded raster object.so you can export it, retaining the original pixel-for-pixel data. Place this file in your Illustrator folder, in the Presets folder, in the Scripts folder. It will then be available from Illustrator's Scripts submenu in the File menu. Copy or drag the embedded image you want to export into a new, blank document. Select the object, then select "Untransform raster object" from the File/Scripts menu. You must export it at 72 dpi to avoid rerasterizing the image. For best results, export it using the same color model as the image you're exporting. You can then open the exported file in Photoshop to change its resolution and/or resave as EPS with a preview.

Clean library

Removes bloated "AdobeFnt0__.lst files from your system. Useful only to Illustrator 10 users on Mac OS X.

Scale line weight

Scales the stroke weight of selected, stroked paths.

Select Schnibbles

Selects all paths that are no more than two points wide by two points high.

Concat Text for AI 10 or CS

Select point text objects that were imported as multiple point text objects broken between or even within words, then run this script to combine each line of text into a single point text object. Objects are parsed in the order in which they were created in the document. If a text object is positioned lower than the previous one, it's considered a new line, and a new point text object is created for it.

Select several point text objects, then run this script to combine each line of text into a single point text object. Objects are parsed in the order in which they were created in the document. Unlike Concat Text, this script combines all objects into one, regardless of their position, and adds a space character between them.

Area Text to Point Text

Converts area text objects to point text objects. It's pretty basic and doesn't take into account rotated text, etc., but should get you out of a jam for most situations, such as callouts on technical drawings, etc.

Requires Illustrator CS (11).

Untransform Text

Removes transformations from text objects, such as rotation and sheer. Select the entire text object with the arrow tool, then run the script.

Requires Illustrator CS2 (12).

Bust Up Paragraphs

Select text objects that contain multiple paragraphs, then run this script to break them up into individual point text objects, one object for each paragraph. I wrote this one to separate a text file full of callouts into indivudual pieces to position on an illustration.

Requires Illustrator CS (11).

Make Fractions

Selected text is changed to superscript numerator and subscript denominator, and the slash is changed to a fraction slash. Best with superscript and subscript size of 70%, superscript position of about 23% and subscript position of 0%.

Requires Illustrator CS (11).

Open "Scripts" Folder

Just what it says: opens AI's "Scripts" folder.

Requires Illustrator CS (11), but could be easily modified for AI 10.

No Overprints

Removes overprint from the stroke and fill of selected paths. This is useful because changing it on multiple items via the Attributes palette doesn't work reliably.

Requires Illustrator CS (11), but could be easily modified for AI 10.

Replace placed art

Replaces all placed, linked art with the first selected placed, linked art. Say you have a sheet of many occurrences of a placed EPS file, and you need to revise the sheet to use a different placed file. Manually replace one of the objects with the new file, then with the new object selected, run this script. All unselected placed files will be replaced with the selected one.

You may also be interested in free Actions for Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe InDesign CS scripts


This script checks every graphic in an InDesign document and sets its "printable" property to true. Quark documents opened in InDesign often have numerous graphics that are incorrectly set to non-printing and this script makes all graphics printable.

Multi-Template scatter proof

Choose from a list of template files to create a scatter proof sheet of a folder full of images. Instructions and two sample templates are included in the archive.

Export to InCopy

Export all stories, not just those selected or on a certain layer, to InCopy except those marked not to export. More details are included in a read-me file in the archive.

Check out all stories

This is a counterpart to the "InCopy Stories/Check In All" menu item in InDesign. Change the application name in the first line of the script and it can also be used in InCopy.