Pre-release plugins for Adobe Illustrator

Caution: these plugins are still under development, so please use them with caution and be sure to save your work "just in case."

Proof Block plugin

Version 11.0 b1

Proof Block 11 is an update for compatibility with Illustrator CS. It creates the proof block art via a separate AppleScript to allow users to customize the contents of the proof block.

The plugin portion of this product automatically turns the proof block layer on when a document is opened, and off when it's closed. Currently, this version can not automatically turn the proof block layer off when the document is closed, which is why this plugin remains in its pre-release status.

Scan Layer also included, creates a non-printing layer for tracing over scanned images. Any selected bitmap raster objects will be moved to the scan layer and colored 25% cyan for easier tracing. This layer is automatically turned on when the document is opened and, once in its release version, will be turned off when the document is closed.

Requires Mac Adobe Illustrator CS.

This is a free upgrade for registered users of Proof Block 10 or Productivity Pack 10.

$10 ($30 site license), secure registration via Kagi.

Download Mac pre-release version 11 for Illustrator CS