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Important CS6 compatibility note:

Illustrator CS6 has changed the plugin architecture, which requires much rewriting using new tools and techniques, a daunting task for a sole part-time developer. I do plan to update all plugins for CS6, but ask for your patience as I learn how to accomplish this.

CS3/CS4 compatibility:

Version 10 and 10.5 plugins appear to function in Illustrator CS3 as-is under Windows and PPC Mac OS (see limitation below*), but will not load on Intel Macs. Universal Binary Macintosh versions are available as a free upgrade to registered users.

CS3 plugins continue to work in Illustrator CS4 on the Macintosh (Windows updates currently in progress), although any plugin that previously appeared in the Filter menu now appears under Object -> Filters.

* The procedure for displaying an About box changed in Illustrator CS3, so viewing this dialog will not be possible until the plugins are fully updated for CS3.


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